JABBADUB & RAZTAMAMA – DUB LOVA’s newest album by Jabbadub & RazTaMama, titled „Dub Love”, has just left the nest. This one is a collection of 10 tracks tightly fitted in dubwise-no-compromise style, spreading the message of love. You will hear here RazTaMama’s and Mr. Borecki’s (Young Pistols Crew) vocals, as well as saxophone sections by Paweł Push (Dub Rising) and Paweł Feduch (Afrotuba). Łukasz Lisak, known from PapaDram project (Wrocław), added his congas. The album was recorded in the Astralne Studio in Wrocław and in Kirby Farm in England.


Ladies and Gentlemen, here before you is the newest album by Jabbadub titled „X”. Still tons of DUB obviously, but even more obvious is the fact that this one tastes different than previous releases of the band. This one is quite personal, which makes us want to share it with you even more, with texts written by Raz Ta Mama and Mr. Borecki, but above all, with music carved by Dino Dub Selektor, which you most definitely are going to hum. All the ingredients smell nice with each other and the sound of the whole material is just right. Surely dancefloors will be shaken by the beat and bass, so download it!


Full-length Jabbadub album „Ravenge Dub Signal” contains tracks which throughout year 2013 have been produced in Bad Rock Laborotary in Zgorzelec. This piece is an explosive mixture of dub, rave, jungle, with full of emotions lyrics telling curious stories. Dino is responsible for the sounds in it, Dush for the vocal parts. This collective have played lots of concerts, as a consequence, new relationships and cooperations were established. A prove for that could be Diana Levi’s and Rastamama’s featuring. Listen to it and check Yourselves.


‚Full Dub Day’ contains seven coherent, but varied in style at once, tracks, some of which could have already been heard at Jabbadub’s performances, as well as some that are brought into light for the first time. DinoDub is responsible for the production as a whole, vocals by RasDush and a special guest Diana Levi. Behold is the long expected breeze of freshness for every day of the week, hot or freezing, long or the shortest. You are welcome to download it!


Jabbadub – „Woman” is the second release from Dub Netlabel. There are four tracks kept in dub style. Vocals were recorded by RasDush and Guaranga.


The first release published on Dub Netlabel. It is a piece of oriental sounds in a digital dub dimension. It includes the original and dub version.